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What is EuBEA

EuBEA–European Best Event Awards 2008

EuBEA is the first international award dedicated to events in Europe. For the first time awards are given to a new means of communication, the event, which is taking on more and more importance in companies’ marketing mix.


The Award’s objective is the valorisation of the event as an innovative means of communication, fully included in the media mix and in companies’ widest communication strategies.
EuBea is a real and valid way of giving a company or trademark visibility with an excellent mass media return.


Participation in the EuBEA is open to: Events Agencies, Public Relations, Advertising, Promotion, Companies, Web Agencies, Media Centres, Advertising Agencies, Publishers, Production Houses, Public Bodies and Associations, etc., who have carried out a public or private event in Europe between July 1st, 2007 and July 30th, 2008.

NEWS 2008

In 2008 the Award ‘splits itself in two’: the EuBea is open to agencies from all over Europe; the IBea (Italian Bea), instead, exclusively dedicated to the Italian market.
Another new item, that highlights the Award’s international character, is a new Special Award: the Best Evaluation Award; created in partnership with the European Event ROI Institute, it is dedicated to the best effort made by an event organizer to measure the effectiveness of the event in relation to its objectives. In order to effectively evaluate event results, the institute organizes 1-day courses in the application of the Phillips ROI Methodology. Agencies intending to apply for the Best Event Evaluation Award may attend free of charge; courses are held at regular intervals in most major European cities (further details available from http://www.eventroi.com).
Last but not least, the award changes location, moving from Milan to Turin



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